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Hand Sanitizer Order Form

Hand Sanitizer, Gloves & Mask Order Form

Hand sanitizers and gloves are available for purchase. Under the FDA Emergency Exemption our pharmacy is able to address the shortage of hand sanitizer during the coronavirus pandemic. We are preparing new batches of FDA/WHO/CDC formulated hand sanitizer daily. Your support helps our pharmacy donate hand sanitizer to local first responders and medical practices. Thank you!

Select the size(s) and quantity of your hand sanitizers.


Each 4oz. hand sanitizer is $8

Each 8oz. hand sanitizer is $14

Each box of gloves (#100) are $20

Disposable procedure masks $1.50 each ($50 per box #50)

Skin Repair Lotion 8.5oz pump $17

Limits are at the discretion of the pharmacist based on availability of alcohol, dispensing devices, and PPE items.

A pharmacy team member will call during normal business hours to confirm your order, process payment, and arrange for curbside pick-up or direct to your door shipping.

Pharmacy Specialists Compounding Pharmacy (407) 260-7002 Open Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm

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