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COMMUNITY CLINICS-Neurology-North Carolina

North Carolina Community Clinic Neurology Consult Request

You will receive an SMS reply (with no PHI included) from the neurology team clinical inbox.
This service is secure, encrypted and HIPAA compliant. Providing the patient name makes it easier for the specialist to create an item in his or her own database or EMR to track activity related to these requests. If you do not know or prefer not, just enter "not provided"....but it does help!
While this is not a service for medically emergent conditions, even in the outpatient setting one might need a relatively prompt response. Please let us know how soon you need a reply from the specialist
Its important that specialists be able to communicate back to you securely. List the services you use and receive notifications for on your mobile device or that you check regularly.
What is the next day you are working in the clinic and/or would reliably receive, view and respond to a secure message?

If you have supporting information such as a patient summary, recent reports or notes feel free to fax them to 240-408-7895 (arrives in our secure Updox inbox)

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