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Register/Contact Tele-Neurology Network

When specialists are seeing consultations by telemedicine or other virtual method, the single most valuable point of information is often the personal mobile phone number of the referring provider. This ensures quick, efficient communication back and forth for initial contact and clarification. Many will then continue the discussion in secure messaging modes, but the initial mobile number is key.

A mobile number that can receive an SMS text message
The facilities listed are those in which our team members have both EMR access and the ability to use existing secure messaging and/or mobile sms with the clinicians

Secure Messaging Services

If you and/or your group or organization is already actively using any of the following Secure Mobile Messaging Services please let us know.

If you currently are an active user of any of these secure mobile messaging services please check all that apply

One of our neurologists will send an SMS message back to you from our Team Inbox/Outbox to confirm we have the right contact information.

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