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Clara Osuji MD PA

4654 Highway 6 North
suite 308
Houston, TX 77084
phone: 2818597100
fax: 2818597105
Mon 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tue 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Wed 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Thu 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Fri 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sat Closed
Sun Closed
Starting July 8th, if you are a new Zocdoc patient to our practice, who has made an appointment on Zocdoc, and not on our website, there will be a charge for cancelling your appointment after 24 hours.   To prevent the charge, if you are unsure you will keep the appointment, you can reschedule at http://www.yorktownxing.net (Please contact Zocdoc support for assistance)
 PS: Dr Osuji is a primary physician. For new Zocdoc website patient, if your insurance is HMO, please call your insurance to make Dr Osuji your primary physician. If you are unsure that you can change the primary physician within 24 hours, please use guidelines stated above to reschedule your appointment. The charge will still apply even if you are unable to change your insurance primary physician.  Thanks!
Appointments can be requested with our board certified and licensed doctor at:  https://www.zocdoc.com/doctor/clara-osuji-md-52033?lock=true&isNewPatient+false&referrerType=widget (ALSO, FOR VIDEO VISITS)
PATIENTS, PLEASE READ: For our safety, PLEASE NOTIFY US WHEN YOU ARE COMING TO THE OFFICE and also, let us know if you have fever, respiratory symptoms (cough, running nose), muscle aches, weakness, stomach pains,  vomiting, diarrhea, rash.  Also, let us know if you or family member had any recent domestic or international travel and/or contacts with anyone who has traveled, recently. (Please fill COVID-19 questionnaire in FORMS above) If coming for an in office face-to-face visit, please wear a facial covering.
Due to  COVID-19 emergency, most insurance cover video consult, please log in to portal to schedule an appointment

Thank you for visiting.  Please sign in or register for an account, in order to securely communicate with our office staff (HIPAA compliant).  The portal account makes it easy for you to:

1.   Request, confirm and cancel appointments online
2. E mail non-urgent questions and get a response within two business days
3.  Request prescription renewal online
4.  Conveniently complete medical questionnaires prior to appointment
5.  View and print immunization records 
6.  Review your appointment history,  medical and surgical history, allergies, medications and after-visit summaries 
7.View many test results online and print them
8. Update profile (Please, always review your information and update, if needed)
PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS A CHARGE FOR NO SHOWS. PLEASE CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT 24 HOURS BEFORE YOUR VISIT, IF NEEDED.  IF YOU SHOW UP 15 MINUTES AFTER YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT, PLEASE RESCHEDULE (You can also reschedule and cancel appointment using your portal).  Please help patients who will need to be seen. Thanks!
If possible, please avoid bringing visitors with you for testing and doctor appointments.
Appointments can be requested with our board certified and licensed doctor at: https://app.uber-docs.com/Specialists/SpecialistProfile?specialistId=85d83cb1-fa68-45ac-80f1-008f267ee843

Zocdoc pts, please fill out check in forms prior to their visit

Please visit our website at http://www.yorktownxing.net or our twitter page: @Yorktownmed or http://www.facebook.com/yorktownxing

New patients, please help us by filling out info by clicking on http://www.hereditarycancerquiz.com.  Patients, please fill out forms listed on top prior to your visit.

You can be update your profile once you sign into the portal account.

Medicare patients, please complete for your annual wellness at https://howsyourhealth.org/start (Print upon completion and bring in during your office visit or fax or contact us to get information to securely message us)

SOME INFORMATION: We are a general medicine clinic working with patients of ages, 15 and above.  Some of the services we provide include: sports or school physical, psychiatry, Wellness, Men and Women's health, chronic disease, AIDS awareness, injections, IV therapy, vaccines, weight loss, gynecology, STD screening, some rehabilitation, referral to other health care providers.

We also participate in training health care students. Say hi and a word of encouragement to one of our students when you speak or see them!!

We now offer 'Telephone or Video Consultation' for our patients. You can send a brief message to 2819726436 or 2813065815.

We also provide blood draw for laboratory services - contact us for more information.

Clinic patients, if you prefer to send a text message to us and not a message through the portal, message to 2813065815 from your cell phone number in your profile, 'message for staff or doctor' and please, wait for a response. 

Interested in our VIP, 24/7 care service? Please contact us for more information.

Job seeking? Please, go to forms above