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ACT--Asthma control Test (4-11yr)

Asthma Control Test is:

Let your child respond to the first 4 questions. If your child needs help reading or understanding the questions, you may help, but let your child select the response. Complete the remaining 3 questions on your own and without letting your child's response influence your answers. There are not right or wrong answers.


Patients/Guardians: Add your answers and write your total score in the TOTAL box shown below. Discuss your results with your doctor.

Parents please complete the following on your own

Please add the number value of all responses above and enter the total here.

If your score is 19 or less, it may be a sign that your child's asthma is not controlled as well as it could be. No matter what the score, bring this test to your doctor to talk about your child's results.

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