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E-Consult ($65 FEE WILL APPLY)


This electronic consultation is reserved for simple, minor medical problems when an appointment is not feasible. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING RESTRICTIONS: * Although Dr. Prieto will try to reply within 1 (one) business, there is no way to guarantee that this will be the case. * This e-consult may not covered routinely by Medicare or other insurers. Therefore a $65 FEE MAY APPLY if not covered by your insurance company. This will be invoiced via mail. * This e-consult is ONLY FOR ESTABLISHED PATIENTS THAT HAVE BEEN SEEN WITHIN THE LAST THREE YEARS * If the problem described is deemed by Dr. Prieto NOT to be appropriate for an e-consult, his will response will simply be to contact the office for an appointment or to speak with the on call physician ($65 fee will not apply in this case)

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