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Doximity telehealth Instructions

Instructions for Video Visit via Doximity

Prior to your visit, please ensure your camera and microphone are enabled. 1. A member of our clinical staff will contact you via phone prior to your appointment time to begin the virtual rooming process, and to ensure your technology is working. 2. On the day of your visit at the scheduled appointment time, you will receive a text from an 882-86 (short phone number) inviting you to a video call with your provider.3. Click the link within the text message upon receiving. 4. You will also be required to give consent to allow Doximity to use your camera and microphone.

Video Visit Reminders

Your video visit will work best if you are connected to a wi-fi signal, but will run if you are using cellular data. We ask that you do not conduct the video visit while driving a vehicle or in transportation for your safety. We suggest that you find a location where you will have privacy while talking to your healthcare provider. If you are using public internet access please be aware of those around you during the call for the privacy of your healthcare. As a reminder, if on a video call with your provider and you receive an incoming call/text your video visit may be disconnected. If this happens, please click back into the link in your text to resume your video with your provider. We ask you refrain from answering text/ call during video visit.

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