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Well Child Waiver

Well Child Visit

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Each child and family is unique; therefore, recommendations for Preventative Pediatric Health Care are designed for the care of children who are receiving competent parenting, have no manifestations of any important health problems, and are growing and developing in a satisfactory fashion.

Additional visits may become necessary if circumstances suggest variations from normal. If these variations do occur during my visit and are addressed outside the scope of the Well-Child comprehensive health guidelines, I may incur additional charges. These concerns may include, but are not limited to, procedures, recommendations, treatments and/or consultations of medical conditions.

If portions of my Well Child visit and/or physical examination are not covered by my insurance company, I understand that I will be responsible for any charges not covered, including copayments, deductibles, co-insurance and fees for non-covered services. These non-covered services include, but are not limited to, vision, hearing tests, developmental screenings, etc.

Although the billing department will provide assistance with any insurance processing, it is my responsibility (parent/guarantor) responsibility to understand my insurance benefits and coverage.

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